kvlt kunt

real bitch, twisted witch

this is such a long shot

but if anyone in the bay area has a van and wants to pick me up at SFO at about 830 tonight, ill give you $40!  

deleting my blog

keep yr eyes out for my new one, you’ll be able to tell it’s me by how fabulous it is.

1D, be still my beating heart

1D, be still my beating heart

The Delinquents

—Do you have a job for a girl like me?

favorite song.

Sometimes when I see kids near nyu/parsons/FIT and they’re done up in dark lipstick and a jean jacket with some studs and spikes and a pair of creepers and half shaved head I want to just say “hey that’s a really cool outfit, what bands are you into?” Because if they are a hipster poseur they will feel like a fucking fool for saying “beach house” and if not they can be my new girlfriend/fuck friend. Test the waters and report back, followers.